Tom’s Biggest Fish

On yet another memorable occasion Tom was fishing in the canoe by himself at the spring while Kenny and a friend of his, Dick Shultz, fished off the point. It was a very windy day and Tom didn’t expect any fish to be biting, perhaps the wind was blowing from the North. So, he cast out his hula-popper, a large surface bait, and practiced his technique. He would cast out, let the bait sit on the water and then give the pole a big yank to make it look as if a wounded fish were flopping on the surface. He did this several times before the line suddenly went taut and Tom couldn’t reel. He called to his Dad and Dick to bring the net. They rowed over from the point as Tom continued to pull the bending pole in every conceivable direction while still trying unsuccessfully to turn the reel. Kenny said that it must be snagged on a log. Tom handed the pole to his Dad and when it was securely in Kenny’s grip, the “snag” bolted. Kenny handed the pole back to Tom and grabbed a net. After a long and laborious struggle Tom landed the monster bass, one of his biggest fish ever.

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