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  • Tug of War

    Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceA rope is tied to each hand,
    Making you helpless,
    Subject to all that they can take.
    Pulling and tugging
    Back and forth,
    Forth and back.
    Your head spins. Continue reading

  • Spirit, Remember

    Forget Me NotI knew from the first moment
    You would alter my whole world.
    I thought that I was ready
    For any curve that life could hurl.
    But the truth hits like a hammer,
    I am driven to my knees.
    I am crushed beneath its blow, Continue reading

  • Sorrow

    Sorrow Feature ImageIt is not so tangible that it may be touched
    Or held in your hand.
    Yet it is strong enough that it can be felt
    Over time and distance.
    From one soul to another
    It moves.
    Continue reading

  • Choice

    Cast the First StoneProtesters line the street,
    Marching, yelling, waving signs.
    They are there for a holy purpose,
    They have a divine goal.
    They threaten anyone who tries to enter
    What they have declared
    A house of sin. Continue reading

  • Entertain Me

    We are a society that screams Entertain Me.
    We walk with our noses pressed to screens.
    We talk with our fingers dancing across keyboards.
    We can access anything, know everything;
    Yet we do nothing. Continue reading

  • Gathering Sand

    When one tries to tie sand with a rope
    One accomplishes little.
    Save, perhaps, the gathering of a few particles
    That cling desperately to the rough stray fibers. Continue reading

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  • Untamed

    Cheeks flushed by bright sunlight
    Pulsing in a turquoise sky,
    And the constant caress
    Of vanilla-scented wind.
    Clouds of red-clay dust
    Collect around my feet,
    Lungs strain for oxygen Continue reading

  • The Scent of Ferns

    Scent of FernsRain drips through the thick green canopy
    Of a thousand year old forest.
    I follow the descent of individual drops
    From leaf to leaf to leaf.
    True silence is intermittently broken
    By the trill of a whippoorwhill. Continue reading

  • Fall

    Fall Colors with RedRolling hills the color of fire
    As far as the eye can see.
    Flaming oranges, reds, and golds
    Among the hues of green.
    The glimmering rays of a falling sun
    Enhance the season’s glow,
    As the maple limbs toss ignited manes
    Gallantly to and fro. Continue reading

  • Winter

    Winter feature imageLooking out across the landscape
    As far as the eye can see,
    There is not a single thing
    That disturbs the serenity.
    The barren branches of the trees
    Are piled high with snow.
    The boughs of scented evergreens
    Dipping wearily so low. Continue reading

  • Perspective

    Blossoms in the backgroundThe rain falls, creating a thin veil.
    It clouds my vision,
    Making me unsure of what lies before me.
    Making my hands and feet grow numb with cold
    Until I open my umbrella. Continue reading

  • The Cottage

    Cottage TrioIt’s a place of magic,
    A place of dreams.
    It’s a place where miracles
    Can happen, it seems.
    Where the world is filled with wonder,
    Where children are filled with awe.
    Where making sure you’re having fun
    Seems to be the only law. Continue reading

  • My Biggest Fish

    It was another sunny morning
    Another beautiful day,
    As my Dad and I got ready
    To head out on the lake.
    We grabbed our poles and nets,
    A bucket of worms in mud. Continue reading

  • Let it Rain

    Streaming down a window pane,
    Rushing through gutters and down sloping lanes.
    Nourishing nature’s thirsty blooms,
    Making the world seem fresh and new. Continue reading

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