State of Decay by James Knapp

Intense and gritty, this hard sci-fi thriller is a must read for any fans of the darker places that speculative fiction can take you. James Knapp has blended the best elements of the first and third person perspectives in order to allow the reader to see the story from several different angles, yet still feel a near-visceral connection with each of the main characters. Initially this made it difficult to decide who to care the most about. I soon discovered that I cared for each of the characters equally.

Mr. Knapp’s style of writing is vivid and clear. I was able to visualize the entire story in all of its grisly detail. I loved the various technological advancements and enhancements that the author created and described so well. The plot is complex and intricate. It is very important to pay attention to the small details right from the start. As the pieces of the story unfold and the lives of the separate characters begin to merge, some surprising and fascinating twists are revealed, but never too soon.

Throughout the final third of the book I was completely absorbed and I had to know how it ended. Since this book is the first in a series it did leave some questions unanswered, which means that I still need to know how it will end. I’ll definitely be adding the next book in the series, The Silent Army, to my reading list.

If you’re a fan of hard science fiction, you should add State of Decay to yours!

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