Shards of History by Rebecca Roland

Rebecca Roland’s first novel, Shards of History, is a beautiful blend of historical fiction and fantasy. The Taakwa, a tribal people much like the Native Americans of the southwestern United States, live in fear of the Jegudun, an avian species that they believe to be their life-long enemies. What the Taakwa don’t realize is that the real threat comes from the dragon-riding Maddion, a people they have labeled The Outsiders.

One woman, Malia, learns the truth about the Jegudun, and her own people’s past. Revealing this truth might force her to live in exile forever, or it might save her people, and the Jegudun.

For the first third of the novel, I did find myself wishing the stakes were higher more immediately for Malia. About halfway through though, the intensity picked up and I was pulled in. The strong writing and compelling characters were the highlights for me of this unique story. Overall, I feel that Shards of History is a very strong debut from Ms. Roland and I look forward to reading more of her work.

I would recommend this to fans of Jean M. Auel, Linda Lay Schuler, and Mercedes Lackey.

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    Thanks so much for the review!

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