Germline by T.C. McCarthy

For me this story is about one man’s search for something pure in a deeply flawed world. Germline is told from the perspective of Oscar Wendell, a drug addicted reporter, a “stillborn son of conflict” who chooses to place himself in the midst of a brutal futuristic war. Though he does everything he can to avoid feeling, his greatest desire is to feel, to find something to live for.

I appreciate the way the author uses syntax to put the reader inside Oscar’s mind. The story begins with very abrupt and jarring inner dialogue. This contrasts sharply with the soft-spoken complete sentences of the genetics- the lab-grown female super soldiers. Later in the book, Oscar’s inner dialogue changes. Sentences become longer and more complex, reflecting, perhaps, a shift in his soul.

This story is dark, the world is in-your-face cruel, but that is the reality of war. If you like your rose colored glasses this may not be the book for you. If you appreciate truth, if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to try to survive minute to minute, read Germline.

There are also some great extras at the back of the book, an interview with the author, and an excerpt from Exogene, the second book in the series. Exogene is available now and I can’t wait to see the world from the perspective of one of the genetics.

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