Element Zero by James Knapp

Element Zero by James KnappElement Zero is the heart-thumping conclusion to one of the smartest science fiction trilogies I’ve read in a long time. Two things that I loved about the Revivor series (beginning with State of Decay, followed by The Silent Army) are 1) The very visual style of writing which allowed me to picture the story clearly and 2) The whole concept was completely new to me. I love new ideas.

I have never read any stories about zombies, or any kind of re-animated dead (except GRR Martin I guess, but I’m not sure where he’s going with that yet), so I wasn’t sure what I would think when I started reading State of Decay. I was surprised to find an intense psychological thriller combined with very sophisticated futuristic technology which was explained well enough that I easily understood how it worked without detracting from the emotion of the story. It is dark. It is a bit gruesome at times, and it’s not the kind of book you want to read when you’re home alone at night. Or maybe it is, if you like jumping at every sound.

The characters were what really drew me into the story. Nico, Calliope, Faye, and Zoe; each one so different and so real that it was impossible not to be pulled into their lives as individual character threads started in their separate places before weaving together in an intricate pattern which carried all the way to the end without ever losing each original voice.

If you are into the idea of a zombie apocalypse, this is a must read. If you’re not (and I wasn’t) read it anyway. I think you’ll be surprised.

James Knapp has a new novel that released this month under the name James K. Decker. If you love science fiction, check out The Burn Zone.

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2 Responses to Element Zero by James Knapp

  1. D. D. Falvo says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! (raises hand) I have an opinion on where GRRM is going with those zombies. I’ll give you a hint–the series is called A Song of Fire and Ice. Guess what the “fire” and “ice” elements are? :D Though I admit he is taking a helluva long route to get there.

    So you nabbed me with the “visual style” comment. I am so curious about this trilogy now.

    • Nicole says:

      D.D., you should definitely check out the Revivor series. As for the GRRM series, I think I’m trying to shield myself from accepting the inevitable, that all of my favorite characters get burned to a pile of ash. We shall see…

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