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THE END of The Latest Frontier (Part 8 of 8)

underwater dome from zoochatHere it is, the grand finale! If this is your first visit STOP NOW and read the rest of the story before you continue…it’s cheating to read the end of the story first! I’ll give you the links to make it a little less annoying to click to all the other chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

Okay, all caught up? Here we go….

For twenty-four sleepless hours I waited in my cell, worrying about my children. When I’d arrived at the station, they’d given me my one phone call. I used it to call home, but no on had answered.
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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 7

underwater dome from zoochatOver the course of the week, Hope’s health continued to improve, and I grew more bold with each successful theft from the Wilson estate. On Friday I bundled up a few extra apples and some small cucumbers, hiding them in the inner pocket of my backpack to take home for my own family.

All the way home, I felt sick with guilt, but when I saw my children’s eyes light up and watched them silently savor each morsel as they glanced at each other with huge delighted grins, my guilt eased a little. I even felt justified. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 6

underwater dome from zoochatAfter forcing my arms through the sleeves of my coat, I grabbed my facemask and backpack then walked over to kiss Hope and Aaron goodbye. Aaron leaned toward me, his eyes never leaving the t.v. screen, to allow me to give him a peck on the cheek.

“Bye, Dad. Love you.”

“Love you too, son.”

Hope clambered up to her knees so that she could wrap her arms around my neck. I squeezed her tight, then loosened my grip so that I could turn and plant a kiss on her temple. Her brow felt warm but dry, the fever had broken last night. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 5

underwater dome from zoochatThe pharmacy didn’t open for another hour, but already a line had formed that extended the length of a city block. As I took my place at the end I heard the muffled coughs of those ahead of me. Though I wore my mask, I couldn’t help but take short, shallow breaths. I kept my hands clasped behind my back to help resist the urge I had every five minutes to check my inner coat pocket for the prescription that could save my daughter’s life.

When the doors were finally unlocked, the line began to move forward at a snail’s pace. Two at a time we were allowed to enter the first set of doors, wait for the overhead vents to clear the air, and then scan our IDs before passing through another set of doors and into the waiting room. Once it was my turn to find a seat, I noticed most people kept their masks on. I did the same. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 4

underwater dome from zoochatWhen I woke on Saturday morning, grit scratched across my eyeballs as I pulled them open. The right side of my neck protested painfully as I lifted my head from where it had fallen to rest on the edge of the couch.

Aaron still slept on the floor in front of me, one hand inches from my fingertips. Hope also slept, her breath rasped, but came and went in even intervals. Her cheeks looked flushed, but I dared not touch her for fear of waking her and setting off another fit of coughing.

As I pushed myself off the floor, I had to stifle a groan. As quietly as possible I stole across the living room and into the entryway. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 3

underwater dome from zoochatFor the next week I watched the pile of bills grow taller, and the hollows beneath my children’s cheekbones sink deeper. Without Mary’s income I couldn’t keep up. Without her whispers in my ear each night that “as long as we have each other it will all work out”, I barely had the will to try.

Every day I walked past the Wilson’s tidy garden and fruit-laden trees, growing as bitter as the bright yellow lemons which ripened in the artificial sunlight.

When I returned home from work that Friday, the elevator opened and I braced myself for my usual welcome, but Hope did not spring forward and wrap her arms around my knees. She wasn’t even waiting behind the doorway of our apartment. Instead Aaron’s worried face greeted me. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 2

underwater dome from zoochatBea had a sealed container waiting for me when I checked out that night. I leaned in, sniffed and smiled as the scent of cinnamon and sugar filled my nostrils.

“Thanks, Bea,” I said waiting for her to look up and make eye contact so that she would see my sincerity.

“Don’t mention it,” she replied waving away my thanks with one greasy hand.

As I walked from the kitchen toward the exit, the fading light clicked off and the false sky was replaced by the dark blue ocean. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier

underwater dome from zoochatAs the clear elevator descended toward the lowest level of the sea tower, I stretched my neck, craning to absorb every last ray of sunlight I could get. Too soon I was surrounded by murky water that formed bubbles on the outside of the tube. When the elevator stopped, I stepped through the open door and into the long tunnel which connected the tower to the acrylic dome which prevented the Wilson Manor from being crushed beneath the weight of the ocean. Continue reading

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