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Today’s Artistic Outlet- A Short Story by Rachel Horwitz

I’m excited to introduce you to friend and YA Fantasy writer Rachel Horwitz! Rachel manages a craft-focused blog and You Are What You Write, and is also active on twitter @rachelhwrites. She’s a wonderful person, a great supporter, and has an impressive never-give-up attitude. She’s also a pretty great writer, as you shall soon discover! Enjoy Rachel’s original science fiction short, and let her know what you think in the comments!

With just one word, it was all over. Any beliefs I once held crumbled in my fingers as I passed the lock of hair over to the doctor. “It doesn’t make sense to keep it,” people told me. Of course, I knew that. It wouldn’t bring him back. But it was the smallest, most cherished connection to him that remained. And I wasn’t giving it up for just anything. Continue reading

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