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All the Time in the World

Time“I did it.” I whispered the words triumphantly as I stepped through the shimmering green circle and looked around at a scene so familiar, it felt as if I’d never left.

After tapping the icon on my timepiece which closed the portal, I held my arms out in front of me. A grin stretched across my pimpled face as I examined the smooth, unlined skin of my hands.

A low chuckle rolled through my chest as I looked down at my clothes, brown polyester pants and a high-collared blue silk shirt. The chuckle soon became a full-bellied laugh.

“I did it!” I shouted to the sky, startling a robin from its nest. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- The Latest Frontier Part 2

underwater dome from zoochatBea had a sealed container waiting for me when I checked out that night. I leaned in, sniffed and smiled as the scent of cinnamon and sugar filled my nostrils.

“Thanks, Bea,” I said waiting for her to look up and make eye contact so that she would see my sincerity.

“Don’t mention it,” she replied waving away my thanks with one greasy hand.

As I walked from the kitchen toward the exit, the fading light clicked off and the false sky was replaced by the dark blue ocean. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 1 of The Key

Cold water slid along my skin like a frosty silk sheet. My legs pumped as they bound together, the movement gradually changed from the up and down that my legs required to the more efficient side to side motion as my long golden tail and fin formed.

Excitement bubbled in my chest and I grinned as I raced through the dark depths gripping my treasure in my hand.

My friends said they would never believe me, at least, not if I didn’t have evidence. Continue reading

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Today’s Artistic Outlet- A Short Story by Rachel Horwitz

I’m excited to introduce you to friend and YA Fantasy writer Rachel Horwitz! Rachel manages a craft-focused blog and You Are What You Write, and is also active on twitter @rachelhwrites. She’s a wonderful person, a great supporter, and has an impressive never-give-up attitude. She’s also a pretty great writer, as you shall soon discover! Enjoy Rachel’s original science fiction short, and let her know what you think in the comments!

With just one word, it was all over. Any beliefs I once held crumbled in my fingers as I passed the lock of hair over to the doctor. “It doesn’t make sense to keep it,” people told me. Of course, I knew that. It wouldn’t bring him back. But it was the smallest, most cherished connection to him that remained. And I wasn’t giving it up for just anything. Continue reading

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