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The Next Big Thing: A Meme About My Work in Progress

I have been tagged by Andi Cumbo in The Next Big Thing meme. You can read about Andi’s Work In Progress (WIP) on her blog andilit.com. The rules for this meme are:

1) Answer the ten questions below
2) Tag five more people to share about their WIP

1. What is the title of your WIP?
I actually have three “works in progress”. Two of them are completed manuscripts and one is in the very early stages of development (I’m on chapter eight of the rough draft) and is the one I refer to on my page or in writing groups as my WIP, but for the purpose of this blog I’ll discuss the two complete ones for now…clear as mud? Great. Here we go.
1. Empyrean (which I’ve shared the most about)
2. Searcher
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