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Friday Fiction- Fairy Tale Redux Part 9 (of 10)

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany“Isabella, I do wish you’d call me mother. After all, it’s been ten years.” Her stepmother walked forward and stopped at the edge of the old men’s long table. She placed a basket on the wooden surface.

“What do you want?” Isabella asked warily.

“I’ve come to apologize.” Her stepmother opened the basket and carefully pulled out an apple pie. She set it in the middle of the table and then withdrew two plates and two forks. “I brought your favorite dessert, as a peace offering.” Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Fairy Tale Redux Part 8 (of 10)

Castle Neuschwanstein, GermanyThe morning flew by as Isabella tackled a list of chores that had been long neglected. She swept, mopped, scrubbed, polished, filled salt shakers and ketchup bottles; the one thing she could not seem to accomplish was to stop thinking about Eddie. She even tried listening in on the old men’s exhaustive conversation regarding the expected corn yield for the year, but it was no use.

After a lunch of roast beef sandwiches with a side of potato salad, Isabella’s new-found friends began to push back from the table and gather up their coats.

“Are you leaving?” Isabella asked. Continue reading

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