Green Smoothies

Green SmoothieI have been on a green smoothie kick lately, and I have to admit, I am feeling pretty good. I usually try to have one for breakfast, but I still have to eat my share of the farm fresh eggs, so sometimes I have one for lunch instead. Here’s my most recent creation.

This one was made with spinach, chard, kale, banana, sprouted chia powder, celery, and a bit of yogurt (which is why it’s a softer green- sometimes they’re a dark, vibrant green). I know it may not look terribly appealing to a lot of you, but they actually taste pretty good! Seriously! And it’s a great way to get lots of those wonderful green vegetables into your body without chewing for an hour :)

So, my questions for you…Have you ever had a green smoothie? What’s your latest food fad?

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2 Responses to Green Smoothies

  1. Danielle Bellgowan says:

    I would love to try all those greens! Easy and inexpensive is romaine, ripe banana and water…feels great, tastes good!

    • Nicole says:

      Great Idea! I have been wondering how often I would have to make grocery trips for all those fresh greens. I thought for the winter I might get bags of frozen spinach.

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