Friday Fiction- The Dilemma

Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceBlood oozed from the deep gash on my forehead and then trickled over my swollen right eye. I longed to wipe it away but my bound hands prevented me from fulfilling this desire.

“Where is he?”

The smell of mint toothpaste filled my nostrils as my interrogator leaned closer.

At least he wasn’t a smoker.

“I told you I don’t know.”

With my good eye I watched him back up. He unbuttoned the cuffs of his crisp business shirt and began to roll one sleeve.

“I cleared my schedule just for you. Did I tell you that?” He rolled the other sleeve up a ropy forearm. “I have all day.”

“Bring it,” I replied.

He did.

By the time he left I lay curled on the floor in a fetal position. Everything hurt.

He knew all sorts of details about me now; where I grew up, my favorite color, but he hadn’t broken me, not yet.

I wondered how long I had until he came back.

“Beam me up Scotty.” I whispered.

I laughed at my own joke, then winced as broken ribs protested. Blood bubbled from my nose.

Had I known this was how my day would end I never would have agreed to take this job.

O.K., that’s a lie, I would’ve done it anyway. This guy, or at least the information that he possessed, would be worth a fortune. I fully intended to get my cut. That is if I stayed alive long enough to collect.

With one finger I pressed against the tracker hidden beneath the skin of my opposite forearm. Hopefully it was still working. Hopefully the building wasn’t wired to block the signal. Hopefully someone would find me before it was too late.

I’m the only one who could find the guy.

This one’s a bit different from the last story. I hope you enjoyed the opening enough to come back next week. Now I need your help! Our female main character needs a name, so does “the guy”. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!



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18 Responses to Friday Fiction- The Dilemma

  1. Heather Reid says:

    Oh! I need to know what happenes next. Why is she the only one who can find ”the guy” and who is he? How will she get out of this.

    As for names…I don’t know why, but Kara jumped out at me for the girl. As for ”the guy” something unusual…Daven, Grayson, Marco…just some suggestions. :) Can’t wait to see what you end up naming them.

  2. Donna says:

    For some reason, Jo, Joe, Joel, Joal, something like that comes to mind for this character (the one getting beaten up). Is it a man or woman? I kind of need to meet a person before I think of their name-funny huh?! I like detective, murder mysteries so I’ll be back.

    • Nicole says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! Jo would work for either gender, and though the main character is female, it would fit. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Denise Falvo says:

    What an exciting beginning! You are going to laugh when you read my book one day because I have a similar scene (set in very different circumstances) in an early chapter. So, needless to say, I’m drawn in. I can’t help with the names b/c I don’t know enough about the characters or who they are– except to say that girl is tough, so she needs a strong one. :) Great job, Nicole.

  4. First, wow, our first person POV character is a FEMALE. Huh. Did not get that. That makes ‘the guy’ even more despicable. Maybe her name should be Simone (in honor of Simon Kenton, who endured torture by his Shawnee captors, later to be embraced by them for his honor and courage). Hmmm, his name should be simple, maybe just a single simple surname, but with implication, like Weaver or Tanner. Great start!

    • Nicole says:

      What a great history behind the name Simone, nice. I also love Tanner! I think I know who that will go to. Thanks for reading and for the great names!

  5. Scott Hutchinson says:

    How about Bruiser and Target ? Just kidding. Always a challenge to give a name meaning without being too obvious. On the serious side, this is starting out seriously ! And now as a Friday fishy the hook is through my jaw. There is no escape. Friday Fiction Fun !

  6. Sarah L Fox says:

    Intriguing start! I’m hooked already! I’m trying to think of names to suggest but I’ve drawn a complete blank. Sleepy brain! Sorry! But loving this story! :)

  7. This honestly scares me, I’m not sure what to think, haha. But it’s great, lots of tension and suspense, nice job! Not sure, but I thought the guy’s name was Scotty. As for the lead, for some reason I think Anabelle. Maybe it reminds me of Annabel Lee? Dark stuff.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions Margaret! I like it. Since this is a public blog I’ll keep it all PG, so no need to be too scared :)

  8. Bethany says:

    Just catching up on part one…I hoped the main character was a female! Woohoo! Love her sense of humor…and her toughness. I am already pulling for her. Great writing!

  9. Wow! What a great opening! I’m hooked. I love a badass chick. ;)

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