Friday Fiction- Part 2 of Metamorph

City SkylineMy new skills had nothing to do with the personal metamorphosis machine, that was strictly for disguises. The skills I planned to test were those I’d learned how to enhance genetically.

After tightening the straps of my stream-lined backpack, I took off down the dark alley at a steady run. My stride lengthened and my foot speed increased as I turned a corner and started down a long stretch of empty sidewalk. I pushed my pace to a sprint; a sprint I felt confident I could maintain for at least a mile. The treadmill training I’d been doing had thus far proved that my increased production of red blood cells and the genetically-enhanced endurance of my fast-twitch muscles were the perfect combination.

My silver sneakers created a blur in my peripheral vision as I caught glimpses of my reflection in the barred shop windows. I smirked as I thought of all those movies that showed women running in ridiculous high-heeled boots. Clearly whoever decided that was sexy had never actually tried it.

As I approached the end of the straightaway, I slowed to a walk and recovered from my prolonged sprint with a few deep breaths. A few more blocks and I’d be in the sketchy part of town, which is exactly where I wanted to be however, I didn’t want to be taken by surprise.

I turned down the next alley and took a running leap to catch the bottom rung of a ladder which hung from a series of switchback metal staircases. The alternating stairs and platforms extended up the length of the four story brick building. As I hauled my body weight up rung after rung using only my arms, I marveled at my own strength. A year ago I couldn’t even do one push-up. A year ago I’d been a different person.

Without making a sound, I ascended the stairs until I’d reached the flat top of the building. I started across in a half-crouch, even though I doubted anyone watched the rooftops. I stopped and straightened when I was about two body-lengths from the opposite end of the building. After taking a deep breath and then letting it out slowly, I propelled myself into a sprint, pumping my arms and legs with all I had until my right foot hit the last few inches of rooftop. I pushed off and sailed through the air. My arms and legs kept moving, as if I could run on air. My heart hammered against my ribs and I felt sweat create a slick layer between the real me and my second skin.

My left foot connected with the solid surface of the adjacent rooftop. I immediately pitched forward into a roll and came up running. A grin of pure delight spread across my face; this was fun.

The grin faded as I approached the next gap between buildings. From the street below, I heard a high-pitched scream of pure terror that made my hackles rise. A few feet from the drop, I lay down on my belly and inched forward so that I could peek over the edge. The scene below made my blood run cold. Two men held the arms of thrashing woman, while a third man unbuckled his belt.

I slid my backpack off and pulled out a rope with a grappling hook on one end. As quickly as I could without drawing attention, I hooked the line to the lip of the roof, slid my pack back on and then made sure I had a good grip on the rope. Feet first, I walked out over the edge of the building and prepared to rappel down to the alley.

Sorry boys, tonight is not your night.

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6 Responses to Friday Fiction- Part 2 of Metamorph

  1. D. D. Falvo says:

    I learned something new! “switchback metal staircases” I had no idea they were called that. :D This is an intriguing beginning, Nicole–I am very curious to discover what it’s all about, and learn more new stuff.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks, D.D.! I am not sure that’s the universally accepted name for this type of staircase, but it’s what they look like to me- the switchback paths going up the side of a mountain, and I’ve seen them referred to in this manner a time or two. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story! I think I have it all plotted out in my head, now to get it on paper. Have a great weekend!

  2. Scott Hutchinson says:

    Silver sneakers. I am going to shoe carnival to find some. How a woman can end up alone with 3 men is beyond me. I always try to plan better than that ! You always draw out the emotions.

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, if you’re going to run, wear running shoes, or no shoes at all! There’s a big barefoot running movement now if you want to save some money. ;) I appreciate your thoughts and your support. I’ll address the how part next week. I hope you’re doing well, Scott.

  3. This is so clearly written by someone familiar with her own body and capabilities… Someone who has felt the empowerment of running. I can imagine you catching ‘a glimpse of a blur’ as you run. Oh, I can’t wait for some genetically-enhanced kickass warrior action! Have a great Sunday (and week off)!

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you, Vaughn! My week off doesn’t start for another week yet, but I WILL enjoy it. This has been a lot of fun for me to write and think about the last couple of weeks; I’m really glad you like it enough to keep reading! I’m not sure I go fast enough to “blur” but I certainly think that running gives me a lot more confidence and absolutely keeps me sane, well, mostly. ;) I hope you have a great Sunday as well…Spring is coming…

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