Friday Fiction- Part 1 of Metamorph

City SkylineAfter programming my desired settings, I opened my personal metamorphosis machine and stepped inside. I turned and pressed my back against the cool gelatinous wall. The front of the casket-shaped box began to move toward me. I forced my breathing to stay even as my lips wrapped around the breathing tube and then cool gel formed against the front of my body.

For five minutes I tried, and failed, to push away thoughts of the power going out, or a fuse blowing; of being stuck inside what I liked to call “the coffin” until I starved to death.

As these thoughts rolled through my head I could feel the film forming around my limbs, my torso, my face. Pressure increased against my thighs and stomach as the film squeezed in like a corset.

When five minutes had passed, I heard the muffled whoosh of air entering the vacuum as the front door swung open.

I gulped in lungfuls of air, feeling the resistance of my second skin as it pulled along my ribcage. My eyelids peeled apart slowly. I held them open, careful not to blink until the film had a chance to set. A few quick slices with a scalpel opened all other necessary orifices, then I stepped in front of the mirror and smiled.

I didn’t even recognize myself.

My previously ghost-pale reflection was now a rich, dark olive. Freckles, blemishes and any identifying marks had disappeared. My legs and waist were trimmer, while my butt and breasts appeared to be significantly less affected by gravity.

Now for the finishing touches.

I pulled out a pair of hazel contacts and placed them over my brown irises. I chose a wig of long, straight black hair to crown my bald-looking head. The stubble of my short brown hair poked through the skin in places, tickling my palms as I secured the wig in place. My form-fitting blue pants and matching shirt sported monogrammed silver M’s on the ankles and shoulders. Finally, I slid my feet into a pair of silver running shoes.

After donning my pack and utility belt, I ascended the metal staircase to the horizontal door fixed in the ceiling above. I opened the door and crawled out into a vast, dark basement. It smelled like dust and paper. After closing and locking the door behind me, I quick-walked through the basement, ascended another set of stairs, and finally exited the building through a backdoor.

As I stood in the dark alleyway listening to the whine of the distant freeway traffic, I hesitated. I thought about turning back, about giving up my crazy plan, then I remembered why I had decided to do this.

Full of determination, I marched into the night to test my new skills.

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8 Responses to Friday Fiction- Part 1 of Metamorph

  1. Scott Hutchinson says:

    Very mysterious and fun ! Silver M’s on the ankles and shoulders ! Who thinks this stuff up ?

    Why, Nicole L. Bates of course.

    • Nicole says:

      Scott is back! Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked the story. I’ll try to think up some more fun stuff for next week! I hope you are doing well and making progress on your children’s books.

  2. Donna says:

    Intriguing! Can’t wait for more.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you! I debated for a while about this story, how to work the machine into a larger plot. Once I finally put the idea down on paper, the rest began to fall into place. I think this will be a fun series, now to hammer out some of the details…

  3. D. D. Falvo says:

    Wow, this is just all kinds of fun. May I have a date reference–are we in the future? And yikes–I cannot imagine laying in that ‘coffin’. Eeeee! Can’t wait to see where you lead us next week.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes, it’s in the future, but not too far in the future. I read an article that there’s a movement to create some new female superhero novels and I was inspired. I’m still thinking through some of the next steps and outlining in my head I suppose. I hope you continue to enjoy the story and thanks so much for all your support D.D.! xx

  4. That beginning both drew me in and made my skin crawl (I’m a bit claustrophobic). I always say the best writers make us into skin-changers. Now you’ve taken it to a whole new level–skin-changing protags to add the immersion of the skin-changing reader. Brilliant! :-) Looking forward to more, Nicole!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks, Vaughn! I really loved that concept of putting on a new skin and will hopefully be able to build a fun story around it. I love how you explained the skin-changing protag helping the reader feel immersed in the story. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

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