Best Day

TheThe absolute best day on the farm that I can recall from that first long hot summer might come as a surprise. It started off as usual, with the morning cow milking, and was followed by a long run outside with my son riding in the stroller. The latter is not that unusual, but certainly always a good way to start the day. It was a bit cooler than average that morning, as well as pleasantly breezy. I remember when we turned around to head back home I saw some dark clouds on the horizon. It was warm enough that a little sprinkle wouldn’t feel too bad right about then, but as we continued the clouds began to build, and darken. I picked up the pace.

We made it to the last turn, perhaps a quarter mile from our front door, when the skies opened and the rain began to pour. Not just a sprinkle but buckets of rain. My son pulled his legs in under the stroller canopy and managed just fine; I was drenched in seconds. I ran as hard as I could through the blinding rain until we made it to the safety of the garage.

This was your best day? You ask. Well, yes; just stick with me for a minute.

So, we got safely inside and dried off, then sat in the window and watched the storm that ensued. I love storms. Well, I love thunderstorms that aren’t likely to produce tornadoes, so this was a perfectly pleasant experience.

The intensity of the storm increased, causing the wind to howl across the pasture and whip the leaves of the trees; and then the power went out.

You’re best day? Really?

The rain eventually tapered a bit, but continued steadily through the afternoon. The rain and cooler temperatures meant that the animals didn’t need a second or third round of ice water to keep them alive. It was too wet to work in the garden. The power outage meant that I couldn’t cook, can, or vacuum. In short, it was a miracle.

So, instead of my usual routine, I read books to my son, played with him, practiced my guitar, read some more books, and then we took a nap together.

When we woke up the rain had stopped and the power was back on, but I was refreshed. I milked the cow with a smile on my face and was thankful to be able to cook dinner. It might sound a little strange, but at that time a forced break was exactly what I needed. There were certainly a multitude of other great moments and wonderful days, but that particular day sticks out in my mind as the best of them all.




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