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Gutted now available 2My science fiction suspense novel, GUTTED, is now available! Order your copy today!

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The Trilogy is Complete! Also, MORE BOOKS!

Empyrean's Future 3D with e-bookThe third book in The Leron series is now available! Empyrean’s Future concludes the story of Jahira and Krnar, at least at the main characters. I do, however, plan to continue to write in this world. Future installments in The Leron Series will feature new point of view characters and new adventures. Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for Empyrean’s Fall

EMPYREANSFALLFINAL E-book coverBook two of The Leron Series is almost ready to release into the world. The last bits of formatting are underway and THE COVER IS DONE! I love it. I once again worked with the talented Natasja Hellenthal of Beyond Book Covers. She created the cover for EmpyreanContinue reading

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Empyrean, A Science Fiction Adventure, is Now Available in E-book and Paperback!

EMPYREANBOOKCOVERI can’t think of a better way to start the new year than with the release of my first science fiction novel. Empyrean is now available in e-book and paperback! Here is the link: Empyrean on Amazon
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Lake SuperiorThe sun pulsed in the clear blue sky, heating Anna’s back as she picked her way carefully across the rugged terrain. She searched for the safest route every time she paused. Cliffs, crevasses, and shifting rocks waited patiently for unwary travelers. Another hundred yards brought her to the edge of a steep drop off. She unpacked her rappelling gear and secured the lines. Before dropping down into the shadows she stood and scanned the horizon, shading her eyes with one hand.

As she gazed out across the lifeless expanse, it was hard to imagine this entire valley had once been filled with crystal clear water. Continue reading

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Exogene by T.C. McCarthy

T.C. McCarthy’s gripping sequel to Germline tells the story of the futuristic subterrene war from the point of view of Catherine. Catherine is one of the genetically engineered American soldiers, a killing machine housed in the body of a teenage … Continue reading

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Germline by T.C. McCarthy

For me this story is about one man’s search for something pure in a deeply flawed world. Germline is told from the perspective of Oscar Wendell, a drug addicted reporter, a “stillborn son of conflict” who chooses to place himself … Continue reading

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