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Friday Fiction- The Final Chapter of Safia’s Story

Before you read the ending, check out the first six parts of Safia’s Story. This story will remain available under the writing tab, or you can always search for “Friday Fiction”. Enjoy.

Cloying mist hung in the valley below, obscuring any hint of depth or distance. I stood with my toes at the edge of the precipice, squinting into the gray world before me.

We had arrived. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 6 of Safia’s Story

In case you need to catch up, here’s the link to parts one through five of Safia’s Story.

My fingers worked of their own accord, nimbly weaving the long tendrils of unearthed roots together into a long rope. The idea had occurred to me the first evening after that test. Sitting by the fire with no weapon I had felt anxious, vulnerable. We had no real means of protection except perhaps Bryony’s stone-tipped spear which she typically used as a walking stick. Somehow I wasn’t too keen on the thought of relying on the old woman for help. After all, she had simply stood there, watching, smiling even as I was dragged across the ground. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 5 of Safia’s Story

I have compiled parts one through four of the series into a single document titled Safia’s Story. I have added this story to my writing tab under short stories. Each week until the story is done I will post the newest installment on the blog, and then add it to the main document so that Safia’s story will always be available to read in its entirety. You can also search for Friday Fiction to read the individual pieces with their comments. Thanks so much for reading and for the great suggestions. Here’s part five… Continue reading

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Safia’s Story

A single drop of rain raced along the broad surface of the spade-shaped leaf that stretched out in front of my hiding place. It followed the intricate pattern made by the indentations from many snaking veins until it finally found … Continue reading

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