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Friday Fiction- Part 4 and The End of Metamorph

City Skyline“You know they won’t keep them more than a night for this,” Marie said as the cop car pulled away with the three men who’d assaulted her.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll have some outstanding warrants,” I replied.

Marie scoffed.

“It’ll get worse before it gets better; you know that, right?” Marie asked as she started down the sidewalk.
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Friday Fiction- Part 3 of Metamorph

City SkylineThe two men who held the struggling woman noticed me first and shouted a warning. The third man turned and looked up in surprise as I pushed off the wall with both feet and arched through the air above him. I tucked my knees and flipped at then end so that I came down feet first, facing the greasy-haired rough.

I landed with a splash in shallow puddle that glistened like gasoline in the faint light filtering from the street. My arms came up, ready to block as Greasy Hair whipped his belt from the last loop, and brandished the heavy gold buckle like a weapon. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 1 of Metamorph

City SkylineAfter programming my desired settings, I opened my personal metamorphosis machine and stepped inside. I turned and pressed my back against the cool gelatinous wall. The front of the casket-shaped box began to move toward me. I forced my breathing to stay even as my lips wrapped around the breathing tube and then cool gel formed against the front of my body.

For five minutes I tried, and failed, to push away thoughts of the power going out, or a fuse blowing; of being stuck inside what I liked to call “the coffin” until I starved to death. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 4 of Safe. Tell Me How You Would End The Story!

Stained Glass Mom and BabyOne final, inevitable, push and it was done. I struggled upright and dug my fingers into the pool of warm blood that soaked into the sterile white gauze which covered the sheets.

The warm body of my child slid into my hands and I lifted her to my chest. I gazed at the perfect tiny nose, the dark blue eyes, and the tiny little “o” of a mouth.

My baby, my daughter, gasped her first breath. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 3 of Safe

Stained Glass Mom and BabyFor two days I did not see another soul. I could not leave my room; again they’d told me that this was for my protection. I needed to be hidden, kept safe.

For two days I paced, pressed buttons, screamed at the invisible monitors that I knew were there somewhere. I even threw a chair against one of the long clear windows in a final act of desperation. The chair simply bounced off without even leaving a mark.

For two days I ate and slept and watched vids like clockwork, but all the while fear gnawed at my soul. Continue reading

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