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Friday Fiction- Part 3 of Metamorph

City SkylineThe two men who held the struggling woman noticed me first and shouted a warning. The third man turned and looked up in surprise as I pushed off the wall with both feet and arched through the air above him. I tucked my knees and flipped at then end so that I came down feet first, facing the greasy-haired rough.

I landed with a splash in shallow puddle that glistened like gasoline in the faint light filtering from the street. My arms came up, ready to block as Greasy Hair whipped his belt from the last loop, and brandished the heavy gold buckle like a weapon. Continue reading

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Friday Fiction- Part 2 of Metamorph

City SkylineMy new skills had nothing to do with the personal metamorphosis machine, that was strictly for disguises. The skills I planned to test were those I’d learned how to enhance genetically.

After tightening the straps of my stream-lined backpack, I took off down the dark alley at a steady run. My stride lengthened and my foot speed increased as I turned a corner and started down a long stretch of empty sidewalk. Continue reading

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