Looking out across the landscape
As far as the eye can see,
There is not a single thing
That disturbs the serenity.
The barren branches of the trees
Are piled high with snow.
The boughs of scented evergreens
Dipping wearily so low.
Ah, what beauty!
It captures my heart;
When the dirty brown of autumn late
Shimmers as the snowfall starts.
Sparkling like a thousand jewels
Swirling in the sun,
Each flake a tiny dancer
Carefully being spun,
Then twirled and flipped and tossed about
By winter breezes strong.
The chirping bird no longer sounds
Its once melodious song,
Yet the stillness of a world asleep
Speaks straight into my soul.
I am drawn further by a beckoning breeze
With escape as my ultimate goal.
I revel in the quiet,
The peace and strength and calm.
The clean cold air that fills my lungs,
The crystals melting on my palm.
I see my breath and feel the chill
Of Winter’s deepest bite,
Yet I smile as I stand in a world made new,
Surrounded by dazzling light.
By Nicole Bates

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