Children’s Books

I love it when my son asks me to read to him. I love hearing him “read” the books that he has memorized. I believe that children’s books are the foundation for who a person will become. Kids develop a love for stories, and most importantly they learn to become readers. This early love of reading will ultimately allow them to learn anything they could ever hope to know.

I find it truly amazing that I am reading books to my son that were published in 1940; books that I loved as a kid, books that he loves just as much. We read books that I saved for twenty five years because I knew I would want to read them to my children some day. Where else can you find that? Movies, music, video games, toys, they all become outdated so fast, but books can last forever.

I think that someday it would be fun to write a children’s book. I mean, think about it, there are maybe two or three hundred words in an average children’s story. It might take half and hour to write the whole story, maybe a day or two to complete a deep edit, and in a matter of days you hold in your hands the potential to shape lives. Of course, then you have to find an incredible illustrator. At least I would have to; I cannot draw to save my life.

Aside from all of that, children’s books are short enough that they can be read several times a day, day after day after day. Believe me, I know. While sometimes this gets a bit boring for Mom or Dad, it’s an incredible validation for that author, for that story. A child can actually memorize the entire book. I think that is pretty amazing. So, that’s what I was thinking about today as I struggled to get through chapter sixteen of my new story and realized I still had at least thirty chapters to go. Not that it isn’t fun and exciting. I love writing. It would just be amazing to wake up with a great idea and have a book done by lunch…



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