What’s Next?

Once Empyrean was finished, for the moment, and had been sent on to some fresh eyes, I kept writing. I’m so glad that I did. I had never experienced any part of the publication process before. I assumed that submitting the first book in a trilogy, and being able to say that book two and three were already written, would be helpful in securing an agent. I discovered that this is not necessarily true. If you have one completed novel that is enough, for those of you wondering. That being said, I also discovered that if the novel is the first in a series your agent has to sell the series. So, one completed manuscript is submitted along with one, two , three… however many synopses, to a publishing company; at least in my case.

For me, writing a coherent synopsis for a completed novel was difficult. Writing a synopsis for a book that did not yet exist would have been virtually impossible. Therefore, I am thankful that I had completed rough drafts to work from. Some people might find that a solid outline would allow them to write a decent synopsis, and then the synopsis might be helpful in guiding the full novel. I guess it depends on the writer.

So, the package is submitted. What’s next? My agent’s advice was to forget about Empyrean and begin writing something new. I hadn’t really thought about the fact, or hadn’t wanted to consider the possibility, that if the first book didn’t sell, neither would the second, third, prequel, or one-hundred-years-from-now-let’s-see-what’s-happening novel. Hmmm. So, something new.

Now that I was in the writing mode I found it less difficult than I had imagined to pull an idea out of thin air and start developing a new world and new characters. That’s the fun part anyway. Now I am immersed in a very different adventure. I can’t honestly say that I’ve forgotten about Empyrean, but I have distractions. The website, a new story; at the very least it prevents me from e-mailing my agent everyday to ask if there is any news. Perhaps that is an agent’s ulterior motive :) Whatever the case may be the suggestion is sound. I am “working”, feeling like a writer, if Empyrean doesn’t sell maybe the next one will…. have to keep waiting.



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