Protesters line the street,
Marching, yelling, waving signs.
They are there for a holy purpose,
They have a divine goal.
They threaten anyone who tries to enter
What they have declared
A house of sin.
Threaten in order to convince others
That they know the answers.


A man walks out of the building.
He is wearing a shirt, a tie,
And a long white coat.
A shot is heard from the street.
The man in the white coat falls.
Under his pristine shield
Blooms a bright red flower of blood.
Not the blood of an innocent babe,
But his own vital life fluid.
It overflows and seeps into the ground.


Protesters line the street.
Marching, yelling, waving signs
That declare in bold red letters,
Life! What a beautiful choice.


By Nicole Bates

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One Response to Choice

  1. Tom stone says:

    Sadly ironic.

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