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Gutted now available 2My science fiction suspense novel, GUTTED, is now available! Order your copy today!

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The Trilogy is Complete! Also, MORE BOOKS!

Empyrean's Future 3D with e-bookThe third book in The Leron series is now available! Empyrean’s Future concludes the story of Jahira and Krnar, at least at the main characters. I do, however, plan to continue to write in this world. Future installments in The Leron Series will feature new point of view characters and new adventures. Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for Empyrean’s Fall

EMPYREANSFALLFINAL E-book coverBook two of The Leron Series is almost ready to release into the world. The last bits of formatting are underway and THE COVER IS DONE! I love it. I once again worked with the talented Natasja Hellenthal of Beyond Book Covers. She created the cover for EmpyreanContinue reading

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Facing Your Fear

leap of faith Well, it’s been a little over three months since I published my first novel. Before releasing my book, I was so afraid of so many things. I was afraid of tackling the entire project by myself (the cover, the formatting, the editing, the marketing). I was afraid of making some huge mistake that I could never recover from. I was afraid there would be reviewers waiting to shred my book to pieces.

You know what I’ve encountered? Continue reading

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My Brain is like Minecraft

Minecraft block Hi there! It’s been a while. I know I haven’t been blogging much and, there’s a reason for that. A few reasons actually, and I’ll use this post to try to explain. Bear with me, I have a nine-year-old so most of our conversations have to do with Star Wars, Minecraft, Lego sets, and the importance of personal hygiene. I also have a two-year-old and, while quite verbose for a two-year-old, I can’t say we’ve been having too many conversations about philosophy and the meaning of life.

So, those of you who know me well know that almost three years ago now… Continue reading

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Empyrean, A Science Fiction Adventure, is Now Available in E-book and Paperback!

EMPYREANBOOKCOVERI can’t think of a better way to start the new year than with the release of my first science fiction novel. Empyrean is now available in e-book and paperback! Here is the link: Empyrean on Amazon
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Fairy Tale Redux: A Short Story is now Live!

Fairy Tale Cover PhotoWell, I did it. I published a story.

It’s a short story, and some of you have already read it, but I wanted to get some practice with the amazon publishing program and see how it went before I publish my first full-length novel.

This is a modern day version of the classic Snow White fairy tale. I originally wrote this as part of a Friday Fiction series here on my blog. I made a few minor changes to the story before publication and I removed the story from my blog to make sure I was in compliance with the amazon terms and conditions.

If you’re interested in reading it, you can either purchase the story on amazon for $2.99 or you can borrow it for free! Here’s the link to the book on amazon. It’s only available as a e-book right now, and the format looks best on a kindle e-reader.

If you like it, feel free to tell a friend or, better yet, lend them the book while it’s still eligible for lending.

I hope you enjoy the story and I hope to have more coming soon! Continue reading

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Discovery- Part 2

CIMG0621By lunchtime I had collected twelve specimens.

Though my stomach growled, the constant presence of creepy-crawlies and the unshakable visions of ticks crawling through a crack in my suit and burrowing into my skin had left me with little desire to eat. Or perhaps, more accurately, no intention of removing my gloves, lifting the protective netting around my face, and then sitting down beneath the gently swaying canopy.

Instead I took several long drinks through the tube which ran out of my backpack, under my hood and to my mouth, allowing me to stay hydrated without removing any protective gear. Continue reading

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CIMG0621The sound of the river rushing outside my living room window soothed and beckoned as I sipped my morning coffee.

Today would be a good day for specimen-hunting.

Thick green foliage blocked the first rays of sunlight brightening the deep blue sky. Outside the curtain-less window, the thermometer registered a temperature of 78 degrees at eight a.m.-perfect conditions. Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for Dead Ringer by Sarah Fox

Dead Ringer CoverI’m thrilled to be announce the release date, and be able to share the cover, of my friend Sarah’s first published novel! Dead Ringer is a fast-paced and highly engaging story which I had the pleasure of reading before it was wisely picked up by HarperCollins. I can’t wait for the release date in June! Here are the details: Continue reading

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