Discovery- Part 2

CIMG0621By lunchtime I had collected twelve specimens.

Though my stomach growled, the constant presence of creepy-crawlies and the unshakable visions of ticks crawling through a crack in my suit and burrowing into my skin had left me with little desire to eat. Or perhaps, more accurately, no intention of removing my gloves, lifting the protective netting around my face, and then sitting down beneath the gently swaying canopy.

Instead I took several long drinks through the tube which ran out of my backpack, under my hood and to my mouth, allowing me to stay hydrated without removing any protective gear. Continue reading

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  • Discovery

    CIMG0621The sound of the river rushing outside my living room window soothed and beckoned as I sipped my morning coffee.

    Today would be a good day for specimen-hunting.

    Thick green foliage blocked the first rays of sunlight brightening the deep blue sky. Outside the curtain-less window, the thermometer registered a temperature of 78 degrees at eight a.m.-perfect conditions. Continue reading

  • Cover Reveal for Dead Ringer by Sarah Fox

    Dead Ringer CoverI’m thrilled to be announce the release date, and be able to share the cover, of my friend Sarah’s first published novel! Dead Ringer is a fast-paced and highly engaging story which I had the pleasure of reading before it was wisely picked up by HarperCollins. I can’t wait for the release date in June! Here are the details: Continue reading

  • My Happiness Resolutions

    Happiness-Hands1I know, I know, it’s not even the New Year. Why am I talking about resolutions? Well, I read a book recently titled Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin. Parts of the book I really enjoyed, other parts I glossed over, but ultimately I was inspired to write my own happiness resolutions. A few of them are things that I already do which are closer to personal truths, things I want to continue to make priorities because I know they make me and my family happy. Others are challenges to myself.
    Continue reading

  • Lots of Changes, Old Max, Lots of Changes…

    IMG_0461That pretty much sums up my life for the last four months, and bonus points to the person who can tell me which movie that line comes from.

    So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Let me tell you why. Continue reading

  • TV Gods Anthology is Available!

    TV Gods CoverA little over a year ago, one of my favorite science fiction authors asked if I would be interested in submitting a story for an anthology. Naturally, I said yes!

    Shortly thereafter I received an invitation from one of the anthology’s editors, met the minds behind Fortress Publishing, Inc. at Balticon last May, and, finally, submitted a story.

    The theme is very specific- pick a television show from the 80’s and work in the mythological characters and/or creatures of your choice. Write a story based on said television show in 5,ooo words or less. Oh, and it should probably be humorous. Simple, right? Continue reading

  • Putting Down Roots: Life Lessons from the Moso Bamboo

    Moso bambooI watched an inspirational video this week about the process of growing a moso bamboo plant and I had to share. Below I’ve included a link to the seven and a half minute video if you’d like the long and set to calming zen music version. If not, I’ll sum it up the best I can. Continue reading

  • Take a Pill

    ADHD medsGrowing up, this was an expression people used in jest. It started with some variation of, “Dude, take a chill pill.” and eventually was reduced to simply, “Take a pill.” Unfortunately, someone, or perhaps many someones, seem to have taken this to heart.

    I work as a pediatric speech-language pathologist. My caseload is comprised of children from one to five years old and I am alarmed by the number of children on my caseload who are taking prescription medication for A.D.H.D. I decided to do a bit of research… Continue reading

  • Desolation

    Lake SuperiorThe sun pulsed in the clear blue sky, heating Anna’s back as she picked her way carefully across the rugged terrain. She searched for the safest route every time she paused. Cliffs, crevasses, and shifting rocks waited patiently for unwary travelers. Another hundred yards brought her to the edge of a steep drop off. She unpacked her rappelling gear and secured the lines. Before dropping down into the shadows she stood and scanned the horizon, shading her eyes with one hand.

    As she gazed out across the lifeless expanse, it was hard to imagine this entire valley had once been filled with crystal clear water. Continue reading

  • The Truth About The Stars

    Stars“Grandpa, what are stars?” the little girl with the midnight hair asked as she gazed up at the diamond-flecked sky.

    “Well now, that’s a big question,” the Grandpa answered slowly. “One of those questions that have more than one answer.”

    The little girl’s brown knit into weaves and folds. She considered this as she studied her Grandfather’s serene profile.

    “How could there be more than one answer? Isn’t there only one right answer?”

    “There’s hardly ever just one right answer to any question in the world.”
    Continue reading

  • Genre Hopping: Do You Dare?

    Genre HoppingIn general, people stick with the familiar. We like routines and predictability. A little excitement from time to time is a good thing, but too much change sends most of us running for the hills, right? What I’m wondering if the same is true in your reading or writing life? Are you a genre hopper? Continue reading

  • Resolutions

    ResolutionsDo you make New Year’s Resolutions? Honestly, most years I don’t. There have been a few that I have, and I always like the idea of making changes or new commitments with the new year. Most of the time though I feel like a) I’m already doing all the things I really want or think I really need to be doing or b) I’m already over-committed and if I add one more thing I’ll never stick with it. Sound familiar?

    Well, this year I decided I’d make one resolution. Continue reading

  • When Winter Comes Too Soon

    Nuclear WinterSidra closed her eyes as she listened to the story being told by Marcus, one of the other residents of the hardened shelter on Patrick Air Force Base. His deep voiced resonated through the main hall, no doubt carrying through the dimly lit corridors beyond. Tonight’s tale was a favorite of hers, a story about Old Earth like her father used to tell.

    Sidra tried to keep her mind focused on the image of sidewalks bustling with people while the horns of passing cars honked a merry tune. It must have been beautiful once, on the outside. Sidra tried to picture a blue sky arching over tall buildings made of reflective windows that sparkled in the sunlight. Her mind couldn’t hold the image. The picture kept changing to grey skies meeting grey land. Soon her thoughts strayed to the day when winter came too soon, and never left. Continue reading

  • Reflection- Part 2

    reflection_by_boraFear paralyzed me.

    What could it mean? What would happen to me?

    I stared at the empty mirror for what seemed an eternity before I finally forced myself to shower. Meanwhile an internal battle raged.

    The only thing I could imagine is that my lack of reflection meant I would no longer exist; that sometime, before dawn tomorrow, I would be dead. Continue reading

  • Reflection

    reflection_by_boraI remember the day I realized that the person staring back at me in the mirror was not my reflection as I was, but as I would be.

    The day before my seventh birthday I looked into the bathroom mirror after gathering my toothbrush and toothpaste, and there I was, wearing a shirt that I didn’t recognize and a conical paper hat which read Happy Birthday. Continue reading

  • All the Time in the World

    Time“I did it.” I whispered the words triumphantly as I stepped through the shimmering green circle and looked around at a scene so familiar, it felt as if I’d never left.

    After tapping the icon on my timepiece which closed the portal, I held my arms out in front of me. A grin stretched across my pimpled face as I examined the smooth, unlined skin of my hands.

    A low chuckle rolled through my chest as I looked down at my clothes, brown polyester pants and a high-collared blue silk shirt. The chuckle soon became a full-bellied laugh.

    “I did it!” I shouted to the sky, startling a robin from its nest. Continue reading

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Sarah Fox commenting on Discovery- Part 2 says,
"Very interesting! Looking forward to seeing how it will play out! :) "

dave commenting on Discovery says,
"When fed to lab rats, an exudate of the tick causes a sociopathic state. This leads to a medication for people suffering from trauma, breakups, emotional overlo "

Sarah Fox commenting on Discovery says,
"I was thinking along the same lines as Donna -- maybe a cure for a disease? "

Donna commenting on Discovery says,
"Either a disease they carry of the answer to a cure for one of many diseases. Let's see! "

Christina MacPherson commenting on Nuclear Winter says,
"Amazing picture. Very evocative of the idea of what dangerous technology can mean for the world "

Barbie Stow commenting on My Happiness Resolutions says,
"Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful & thought provoking resolutions, Nicole. What I "hear" in your words is about living with a full-heart, as wel "

Karen Spence commenting on My Happiness Resolutions says,
"Awesome Nicole! Truth to live by! "